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Listening to God Within Me

In this remembrance of a dark period in her life, Bridgit shares how she also remembers God is always with her. How do you tune into God speaking to you?

Bridgit Muratore

Bridgit Muratore

Bridgit is our Truth Reporter here in the Empowered Abundance Collective. She has a gift of story telling in a way that relates to anyone and everyone. She writes from her heart and leaves us feeling like we are not alone! Thank you for "speaking" your truth Bridgit!

The Power Behind Choice

The Power Behind Choice

April 30, 20244 min read

"I drove away screaming at God, "Why does everything we do have to be so difficult?"

- Bridgit Muratore

The Power Behind Choice

My husband and I were engaged for nearly five months between the proposal and the wedding date.  We lived five hundred miles apart; therefore, planning the wedding came down to strategic weekends crammed with making the most of our physical time together.  We spent one weekend in a marriage preparation class put on by the church in which we were to be married.  We sat in a room filled with other engaged couples, discussing topics designed to elicit conversation that would come up in our marriage.  During one of the breaks, I pulled my fiancé aside, expressing concern that we weren’t prepared for our quickly approaching wedding.  Some of the questions that were asked were not items we had previously discussed, and I didn’t know what his responses might be.  I was terrified we weren’t going to be on the same page or listen to one another’s desires and fears.  I was afraid he would dismiss my thoughts if they differed from his, yet I stood in fear of hearing his thoughts as well.  In the end, the class did exactly what it was intended to do.  It made us communicate our desires, fears, expectations, and beliefs while listening to our partners.  We left feeling better equipped to begin our married life knowing we could make it through difficult discussions while truly listening to one another along the way.   

Power Behind Choice

Several years later, my husband and I were working together on a job fraught with frustration.  I drove away screaming at God, “Why does everything we do have to be so difficult?”  I felt completely deflated and out of my depth.  Nothing made sense as it should have been an easy project and yet we continued to run into unexpected obstacles.  As my mind raced, I remembered an assessment I had taken a couple years prior at the beginning of my journey in the Empowered Abundance Collective.  The assessment was to discover the number one abundance block stuck within our subconscious.  I decided to change my mindset I would retake the assessment and uncover any subconscious beliefs that were sabotaging me.  I asked my husband if he’d like to take the assessment with me and that evening we sat down to answer the questions.  We did it separately without sharing our answers or discussing them.  Afterwards, we tallied the numbers to determine our number one abundance block and found we were both operating from the same perspective of lack.  We went through the entire assessment again, talking about each question and what our previous patterns, upbringing, judgments, and fears brought forth.  We found a deeper understanding of where each of us was functioning and a clear vision of how to move our business forward.  As we discussed the reasons behind our responses, I gained better insight into my husband and shed previous thoughts I didn’t realize I still carried.   

The assessment brought forth beliefs that my cognitive was unaware of but were deeply rooted within me. 

Beliefs rooted in things my grandparents said,

the way my parents raised me,

societal influences,

and events I witnessed. 

I’m currently reading the book “A Happy Pocket Full of Money,” by David Cameron Gikandi, in which he talks about the past, present and future all existing in an eternal moment of now.  This struck me because when taking assessments like the Abundance Block Assessment it stirs where a mindset started.  If the past, present, and future all exist at the eternal moment of now then I can choose what I desire my mindset to be and I can shift previously rooted beliefs.   

"The frustration I felt that day came bubbling to the surface and years of lack poured out me."

One of the practices of Emphory is Choice is my Superpower.  For me, this means I do not have to live in a mindset that no longer serves me.  I can choose the mindset I desire most but I also have to be aware of where I’ve been functioning from to freely choose.  When I drove away from the frustrating job screaming at God, I didn’t realize I was functioning from a lack mindset.  The frustration I felt that day came bubbling to the surface and years of lack poured out of me.  Through the teachings of Emphory, I have learned to use tools like the Abundance Block Assessment to objectively look at patterns in my life and discover where I am functioning from to provide the ability to choose differently.   

I adore my husband for his willingness to pivot alongside me.  His ability to listen to my fears and dive into a deeper understanding has supported me in my growth.  I’m thankful for his open mind and trying something new when I hit a wall of frustration.  I’ve learned that as we grow together in our marriage, and our business, we also grow in our consciousness.   

If you would like to take the Abundance Block Assessment and learn your # 1 abundance block please click the link below:   


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Bridgit Muratore

Brigit is our EAC Truth Teller. She takes us on a journey that uncovers past beliefs, previous patterns and deepest desires while reporting the shifts and tweaks she has experienced after being in this Collective. It is her desire for you to recharge your tank, release the binds that tie you and simply be loved. Bridgit is also a practitioner of the healing art of Reiki.

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