Welcome Home!

For fearless females who are ready to embrace their power to create abundance in every area of life

✔️ Discover the secrets to embodying your inner money master and unleash your irresistible power, magnetism, and confidence.

✔️ Master the art of heart centered manifestation, effortlessly attracting the opportunities, resources, and abundance you desire.

✔️ Discover the strategies and techniques to navigate your abundance journey, leaving no doubt that you are in control of your financial destiny.

Welcome Home!

For fearless females who are ready to embrace their power to create abundance in every area of life.

✔️ Discover the secrets to embodying inner mastery and unleash your power, magnetism, and confidence.

✔️ Master the art of heart centered manifestation, effortlessly attracting the opportunities, resources, and abundance you desire.

✔️ Discover the strategies and techniques to navigate your unique abundance journey, leaving no doubt that you are in control of your financial destiny.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Manifesting

Find Your Unique Manifesting Profile

  • You want more, but are tired of feeling guilty about wanting it all and ready to squash the shame.

  • You've felt like you need to choose, but want to be both spiritual and rich.

  • You've hit a plateau in your spiritual or developmental journey and are ready to take your life to a new level.

  • You love learning and implementing Law of Attraction techniques, but want consistency in your manifestations.

  • You're tired of being afraid of your power and are ready to challenge societal norms.

Perfect! You're in the right place. It's time to stop wanting and start BEING...

With the Law of Identity- you'll never have to "attract" again. You will BECOME ABUNDANCE.

It's Time To BECOME Your Desires

This Is The Next Stage!

If You’ve Been Using Law Of Attraction For A While

And It’s Not Working Any More...

How Is This Coaching Container Different?

Transformation vs Change:

Unlike other coaching programs or containers that rely solely on information or white knuckle manifestation techniques, our container takes a transformative approach. It's about embodying your abundance identity at a deep level and creating a profound shift in your being, beliefs, and behaviors, without will power. It's not just about hoping for something to happen; it's about becoming the abundance you seek.

Unconventional and Spicy Techniques:

This container is not your mama's Sunday morning feel good meeting! We dive into bold, spicy, and slightly controversial techniques that will ignite your joy mojo and propel you towards personal empowerment.

Concrete and Tangible Results:

One of the remarkable aspects of our container is that you'll experience tangible evidence of transformation. Participants have witnessed incredible outcomes such as unexpected opportunities, relationship transformation, walking seamlessly in their POWER, knowing finally who they are and why they are here, and so much more. You'll receive concrete proof that things are shifting in your favor and that abundance is flowing into your life.

Holistic Abundance:

While we focus on external manifestation and financial abundance, this container goes beyond that. The strategies and principles you'll learn apply to every aspect of life. You'll discover how to manifest abundance in health, relationships, love, and all areas that matter to you. It's a comprehensive approach to living a life of abundance in every way.

If you’re ready to stop trying to will your manifestations into place and effortlessly ALLOW them in...then this Container is for YOU!

What Are The Details?

Weekly Trainings

Mastering HOW the Law works - Unleash Your Abundance Power

Discover the secrets of the Law of Identity and learn how to become the master of your life, unlocking your innate power to manifest your desires effortlessly.


Embrace Your Starting Point - The Gateway to Guaranteed Manifestation

Release shame and judgment about where you are in life, recognizing that your current circumstances hold the key to unlocking your truest potential and creating the life you desire.

Group Discussions

Ignite Your Wild Desires - Claiming Your True Lifestyle

Give yourself permission to dream big and embrace the wild, extravagant, and maybe crazy life that reside within you, shifting from settling for good enough to fully embracing the possibility of having what you TRULY want.

Intimacy With You

Sensitize Your Guidance System - Trusting Your Inner Navigator

Learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance system, cultivating a strong foundation of self-love and trust that allows you to confidently let your inner freak flag fly and make aligned choices.

Tools Galore

Supercharge Your Manifestation - Unleash the Spicy Secrets

Uncover advanced manifestation techniques that will amplify your ability to manifest your desires, embracing your unique manifestation profile that even seasoned creators don't know, taking your manifestation game to a whole new level.

VIP Access

Members Only Perks

Unlimited Replay Access

Private Facebook Group

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VIP Frequency Activations

Bonus One on One Coaching Session

Why are We Offering this Container at Such a LOW Price?

We know that when someone steps inside this container their life is revolutionized, everything changes for the better. It's our mission to empower as many good hearted women as possible, and this container is the first step, the catalyst for transformation. By inviting you into our container for next to nothing, you'll have first hand experience with these life transformative teachings.

It will not take long in this container to get a crystal-clear understanding of whether we are the perfect fit for your ongoing journey. Just like the hundreds of women we have guided to extraordinary breakthroughs, you'll feel empowered to make an informed decision about taking any next steps forward in your transformation process.

Do Not Miss Another Minute of Fun!

The Empowered Abundance Collective is Open!!!

I’m a former fitness coach turned business coach + a 7-figure CEO with a HUGE passion for empowering women and giving them the tools and support they need to reach even their loftiest goals.


With 8+ years of experience in sales, marketing, program development, and content creation, I help new coaches take their businesses from shaky start-ups to unstoppable empires in my Fitness Coaching Business Accelerator, and I’ve recently developed The Wellness CEO Mastermind – a 6-month program for seasoned coaches looking to scale to 6 figures and beyond.


I also host The Balance & Thrive Podcast, where I discuss all things business, coaching, mindset, health and wellness, relationships, and spirituality while weaving in the lessons I’ve learned on my journey.


Plus, I’m a wife, cat mom and lover of all things related to travel and food.


The only thing I love more than dreaming about my next vacation destination and what I’ll eat when I get there?


Helping women achieve everything they’ve ever wanted – and then some.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It Though.

Here Is What Other People Have Said About Being In The Container:

Break The Bondage of Limitations

Embrace Your Truest Identity

This Container Is For You If...

💃 You've previously experienced success with the law of attraction but find yourself in a phase where it's not working as effectively or the results are inconsistent. It's time to break through the barriers and rediscover your God given power.

💃 You're done with the self-sabotage, playing small, and holding yourself back from achieving your true potential, this container is your invitation to break free.

💃 You constantly find yourself overthinking, analyzing every step, and getting caught up in doubt and indecision, this container is your catalyst for change. It's time to shift from overthinking to inspired action, trusting your intuition, and embracing the flow of abundance.​

💃 You have a burning desire to make a difference, a sense that you are meant to do more in this world, and a vision of creating positive impact, this container is tailor-made for you.

💃 You're ready to go beyond wishful thinking and take decisive action to manifest your desires, this container is your launching pad.

💃 You are committed to taking action now! 

This Container Is NOT For You If...

❌ You're resistant to change, unwilling to step out of your comfort zone, and prefer to stay within familiar patterns, this container may not be the right fit for you. It requires a willingness to embrace transformation and explore new possibilities.

❌ You're solely looking for a quick fix or an overnight solution without putting in the necessary effort and commitment, this container may not align with your expectations. True transformation requires dedication and consistent practice.

❌ You're skeptical about the power of manifestation, the law of identity, or the idea of creating your reality, this container may not resonate with you. It is designed for those open to exploring new concepts and willing to embrace the possibilities.

❌ You're not ready to take inspired action on your desires or implement the teachings and strategies shared in this container, it may not deliver the desired results. This container requires active participation and a commitment to applying what you learn.

❌ You're solely focused on financial gains and not open to exploring how abundance extends beyond money into other areas of life, this container may not fully align with your intentions. It encompasses a holistic approach to abundance in various aspects of life.

Meet The Team

CEO: Chief Emphory Orator

(aka: Cult Leader)

I'm thrilled to be your guide on this exhilarating journey towards unapologetic abundance. As a passionate advocate for personal empowerment and a firm believer in the transformative power of mindset and manifestation, I've dedicated my life to helping ambitious individuals like you unleash their full potential and embrace a life of limitless prosperity.


With 23 years of experience, my coaching is a unique blend of spirituality, mindset mastery, and practical strategies. Having experienced my own struggles and triumphs in the pursuit of financial freedom, I understand the frustrations and doubts that can arise along the way. But through my own personal journey I've unlocked the secrets to not just manifesting wealth but becoming abundance.

My approach is bold, unapologetic, and a little bit naughty. I believe that true empowerment goes beyond traditional concepts of money, status, or role and ventures into the realm of embodying your power, confidently commanding your destiny, and allowing abundance to come to you effortlessly.

Truth Teller

(aka: Blog Writer)

I found EAC during a time in my life where I was struggling to find peace. I felt a constant tug-of-war between my expectations, my reality and my desires. As the Truth Reporter I dive deep into uncovering my past beliefs, previous patterns and deepest desires while reporting the shifts and tweaks I've experienced. In my reports you'll find a glimpse of how life used to be and how I navigate to live the life I've always dreamed.

I have also found a tremendous joy in sharing the healing art of Reiki within the collective. Emphory Reiki is a safe, nurturing space held just for you. Come to tap into more of you, recharge your tank, release the binds that tie you or simply be loved. The space is available; all you have to do is say YES.

Shadow Dancer/Empowered Abundance Coach/

Meme Maker

I am a born and bred Latina New Yorker, a unique mix of light and dark, street smarts, book smarts and higher wisdom. Sassy and playful, I bring a sort of cosmic humor to all aspects of being. I joined The Collective at a time where the magic of unicorns and the pixie dust of fairies were no longer cutting it. I was searching for something less fantastical and more real. I desired community, connection and camaraderie and the ability to be with ALL of life as it is. This is exactly what I found in The Collective. With that as my springboard, life unfolds in miraculous ways effortlessly. I am beyond excited to walk with you on your journey as an Empowered Abundance Coach and "sistarfren". Welcome to the family!

Invitation Liaison

I first met Lori when I moved to Boise, started my own business, and we founded a new networking chapter together. She invited me to a three-day retreat with a group of entrepreneurial women and something inside me said, “you have to go.” At the time, I looked like I had it all together on the outside, but inside I was a ball of chaos; constantly second guessing, doubting, and blaming myself. During the retreat, Lori taught how to ask my body any yes or no question and allow it to reveal the answer. Her invitation unearthed my inner knowing and sparked a peace I didn’t know existed. It began an ever-expanding journey into my own right standing. As Invitation Liaison my focus is to continue what Lori did for me. I invite you into your knowing, to travel down the path of least resistance and joy, and to walk alongside. My door is always open.

Marketing Wizard

When I sat down with Lori for the first time in a coffee shop, I was not expecting to open a vein and share with her my deepest fears and lifelong struggles. It felt like she already knew everything anyway so why not? I was invited to her first retreat in 2021 and it rocked my world! She gave me so much insight into a freedom I never knew existed! Since then I have shifted, changed and eventually transformed how I see myself in my world. She quite literally saved my life! I am braver, smarter, more confident and above all, more peaceful with myself than I have ever been. I've been in the entrepreneurial realm with my nutrition coaching business for 6 years now and have taught myself how to build my own website, email marketing, digital courses on software platforms, blog writing, SEO generation, sales funnels and even created and printed my own food journal! I am honored to be able to share that experience with the Empowered Abundance Collective as the Marketing Coordinator and bring beautiful products to welcome more souls into the amazing experience that is The EAC!

Peace Seeker

I am a midwestern girl with a love for the simple things…nature, quiet mornings, sunsets, fluffy blankets, warm

slippers and bon fires. I am an introvert, and an extravert.

I am an empath. I learned every lesson in life the

hard way because I am stubborn and hard-headed.

I am a rebel, a free spirit. I am loving and accepting.

But somewhere along the way I lost myself.

I was led to this Collective during the most difficult

period of my life. Nothing made sense.

I was depressed and unmotivated.

I was stuck and looking for answers.

Seeking the truth and freedom from the prison in my head. Trying to find my purpose and my peace.

I knew there was more, so I began to question everything. This collective has shown me what it is to live in freedom!

It has shown me what complete love and acceptance is.

We are free to be ourselves without guilt or shame

as we learn and grow together.

I am so glad you are here!

I can’t wait walk alongside you in the journey!

Energy Organizer

It was not that long ago for me when I struggled to understand why I couldn’t have love in my life the way that I desired. Why was I never good enough? I was constantly judging and criticizing myself, putting myself down. No one was tougher on me than myself. I felt that if I could be
“perfect” and do everything right, then I would be worthy of the love that I so desperately desired. Meeting Lori Dodson changed my life. Becoming a part of the Thursday Rockstars and this opportunity to contribute to this online community with these incredible humans is all part of my self love journey. Now, I get the opportunity to express that love in abundance. My intuitive gifts allow me to connect with the energy around. I feel a connection with all the energy around me. Building a personal and intimate relationship with my God is giving me clarity of self, and I am able to navigate the energy outside of me. The world has become a magical place again, the one I felt it was when I was young.

Anything is possible and fairies can exist.

Something else you should probably know about me is how much I enjoy keeping things clean, organized and flowing. By enjoy, I mean I freaking love it! The messier the better! It's so satisfying to clear space for energy to flow. I am finding freedom in being my weird, magical, and authentic self. My contribution to the EAC is as personal assistant to Lori.

Empress of Being Seen

As the Empress of the Insane, I am this container's

Welcome Wagon...


I have the honor of showing up on screen at my worst, and always at my best without apologies.

I help others know it is acceptable and desirable to be seen by others, especially within this container.

I honor your joyfulness your loudness, your craziness,

your weirdness, and all that is you.

My first on air gig was in high school as the video yearbook editor where I roamed the halls of Buckeye High to celebrate my classmates and ask them crazy questions.

And now, today in this container, I will shout you out! I will guide those who need and desire to go live and to be seen, and embrace being a beautiful, visible personality with me.


With a commitment to honesty, I navigated life’s complexities with integrity, seeing the truth in both my action and interactions. When Emphory found me I thought I knew it all! I was living at the peak of my spiritual righteousness. Being in this container I have been humbled many times and am now more equipped to draw from a reservoir of wisdom cultivated through years of learning and reflection. I approach life’s challenges with more clarity and discernment, offering solutions that are grounded in understanding and insight. As I journey through life, I aspire to illuminate pathways for others, sharing the light of knowledge and different perspectives to guide them toward a greater understanding and fulfillment.

Integration Liaison

I went through many years of life feeling like an outsider.

I was always different and never felt like I "fit in" anywhere.

I struggled to feel like I was a part of anything. I didn't love myself, and finally dove in to try and "fix" my life. Soon I realized it wasn't me that was broken, and set out on a path to change my awareness, thinking, and past patterns. I also came to realize that I wasn't alone in this feeling.

As the Integration Liaison, I desire to help you feel at home here. This is an amazing container full of love and understanding. I can't wait to meet you, and support you along your path!

Much Love - Joyce

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