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About Us

Our Mission: Infuse love.

Our Vision: We make available the message of freedom and abundance to anyone ready to receive it.

Our Values:

Fun – We operate with childlike faith, functioning and being.

This means we take things in life very lightly. We add some silliness to that things that usually drag us down. If there is a task you do not like, stop it, delegate it. If you can't right now, figure out how to make it short term. We fuction best from the energy of play, it is our natural design.

Abundance –This is not only what we see on the outside. We live in the identity and consciousness of abundance and then what we are reflects on the outside, fearlessly and with ease. We love that our human get to have all the things intangible AND tangible. We get ALL that we came to this planet to experience, things, travel, love, relationship, money, all of it!!!

Curiosity – What if it's OK to not know? This is curiosity at its finest and in this place we are open to know everything. In curiosity our spirit "the knower" is free to communicate everything we need to our human. The exchange of information from the divine plan that is uniquely ours to our actioning is able to flow with ease. We love not knowing ANYTHING.

Integrity – This is so much more than just "doing the right thing." This is integrity with ourselves. This is an agreement that the Human part of us makes with the Spirit part of us to stay connected. We aim to live with our Human and our Spirit committed going the same direction together.

Community – Without this we are nothing. This is relationship on crack! The greater the like-minded community, the more we all embody the knowing of who we are. It takes a village to re-raise ourselves in the nature of interdependency. We all need each other to have rhe fullness of life. This is the "Kingdom of God", "the Holy Grail", "Nirvana", "Heaven" and this is what we are on striving for. Everything is healed in Community.

Vulnerability – Here, there is no room for guilt or shame to live. This is how we walk out practically what we say we believe. If I really believe that "I'm OK" and "Can't screw this up", vulnerability is the gift of of proof we give ourselves. The opportunity to reveal everything about us, we have kept hidden because we think it's wrong, and still be loved is the greatest gift on the planet. We actively practice this with our whole hearts.

Integration – Our framework is the understanding we are 100% human and 100% spirit. We desire to integrate (bringing together as one) both sides. We don't stop there, we want integration in every area of life; work and personal, business and pleasure, dedication and choice, hard work and flow. Integration is about our identity as oneness and knowing without two there is no ONE. It is the understanding of the ultimate paradox lived out. This is LIFE MORE ABUNDANT.

Our Framework for Transformation

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